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Department of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Mean grade B- (minus) KCSE in addition, a minimum grade of C+ (plus) is mandatory in each of the cluster subjects.

Alternative A
i) Biology
ii) Chemistry
iii) Physics or Mathematics
iv) English or Kiswahili
Alternative B
i) Biological Sciences
ii) Physical Sciences
iii) Mathematics
iv) English or Kiswahili OR...
GCE/Advanced level
A minimum of two principal passes in Biology and Chemistry, and a subsidiary pass in either Mathematics or Physics.
Holders of Diploma in Biological Sciences
A minimum of Division II (K.C.E) or Mean Grade of C plain (K.C.S.E) and a credit pass C in the cluster subjects. In addition, they should have a pass at diploma from Kisii University or any other institutions recognized by Kisii University Senate and the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.
Diploma holder in:
Pharmaceutical Technology
Medical Laboratory Technology
Clinical Medicine
Basic and/or Advanced Nursing
Public Health/Environment Health
Dental Sciences
Holders of a degree in Biological Sciences from Kisii University or equivalent qualifications from a university recognized by Kisii University Senate.