The Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (JOMC)

Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

The Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (JOMC) degree programme is designed to equip graduates with sound theory and professional skills in communication for service in journalistic media, corporate and development establishments and, academic institutions. The programme is tailored to suit professionals ready to take up leadership positions in the industry. This programme will address three key areas of specialization namely Print and Electronic Journalism, Development Communication, and Corporate Communications.

Aim and Objectives

The programme aims to provide graduates with skills in media management and practice, development communication, and corporate communication.
The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Produce professionals capable of taking up leadership, management positions and providing services in communication-related areas.
  • Develop graduates’ ability to think critically, organize and present arguments and effectively strategize communication-related solutions.
  • To provide graduates with skills to independently gather, analyze and evaluate data and information.


Admission Requirements

Specified in the Kisii University Statutes shall be applicable.


7.1Courses registered for, in each semester shall be examined at end of the semester.
7.2End of semester written examinations shall constitute 60% of the total marks for each course
7.3The continuous assessments shall constitute 40% in each course.
7.4The pass mark which must include continuous assessment shall be 50%.
7.5The cumulative grade for all the courses taken shall be 60% and above.
7.6In order to proceed to the second year of study, all candidates MUST have passed in all the courses they were examined in.
 7.7A Project and Thesis shall be assessed on the basis of pass or fail, and shall be equivalent to 9 CF and 15 CF respectively.