University life is an initiation into broad leadership based on reflective thinking, dialogue and democratic processes. Kisii University in keeping with its charter and the mandate of training, nurturing and promoting responsive leadership, established the Kisii University Students’ Association (KSUSA) as the body of all students as governed by their rules and regulations for advancing the common good of all students and the good name of the university. The leadership of the general student body is under the KSUSA Secretariat which comprises an executive council and a house of congress. All these are student leaders elected by fellow students to serve for a period of one year. The main objectives of the union are:

  1. Promotion of the social welfare of the students of the University.
  2. Promotion of the academic welfare of students.
  3. Development and encouragement of worthy traditions of social and academic life on the University.
  4. Establishment of co-operation with such other organizations as to further the wellbeing of students within the University.
  5. Membership of University students’ Association shall be open to all students registered in Kisii University on payment of such fees as may be prescribed by the association.
  6. The association established in accordance with these regulations shall not be dissolved except by resolution of Senate or Council or due to grave/gross acts of disrepute to the University.
  7. Students’ Association shall determine its own interim organ and procedures and, in particular, shall develop a constitution to guide their operations as regards: officers of the association; duties and powers of such officers; frequency of and procedures to be followed at its elections and meetings; source of funds of the association; purpose to which the funds of the association are to be applied; and the manners and form in which professional/academic associations of students are to be represented in the University Students’ Association.

In line with 7 above, the student association constitution guided by the Amended Universities Act 2018 has set up the student leadership and governance offices to include

  • Executive Council – Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary General, Academic Secretary, Financial Secretary, Culture, Sports and Entertainment Secretary, and the Special Needs Secretary.
  • House of Congress – Speaker and all representatives from each academic unit (8 schools and satellite campuses).