Clubs and societies are a very important aspect and component of university education. Through the various clubs and societies, students are brought to encounter and experience in a more practical way the professional lifestyle that they dream and aim for. The clubs and societies are meant to be opportunities where the students collaborate to learn and develop their social skills and competencies especially leadership and inclusive wellness while promoting the common good. The clubs and societies in Kisii University are classified into cohorts as hereunder

  1. Professional – these are clubs which partner and work closely with professional bodies and within a particular field of academic specialisation. They include Accounting Students Association, Law Students Association, Student Teachers Association, Actuarial Students Association and Criminology Students Association among others.
  2. Religious – these are faith based associations meant to nurture, support and enhance ones spiritual wellness and common sharing and bondedness. They include Christian Union, Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic Action, Muslim Students Association and Repentance and Holiness Ministry.
  3. Edutainment – these are associations that infuse art and talent in promoting social and community values while challenging or ridiculing vices. They include Drama Club, Art and Poetry Club, Karate Club, University Choir, Salsa Club among others.
  4. Eduservice – these are associations that are humanitarian in nature and basically aim at preparing students and equipping them with relevant and required skills that enhance voluntary service to humanity. They include Scouts, St. John Ambulance, Peace Club, Biodiversity Student Association etc.
  5. Mentorship – these are associations of students which aim specifically at being nurtured and mentored in a particular area that may not necessarily be related with their professional or academic training. They include ENACTUS, President’s Award Kenya (PA-K), Tax Society, Equity Scholars, among others.
  6. County – this cohort is an association of students who hail from each and every one of the 47 counties of this great country. The cohort aims at keeping the students closely linked with their home county for purposes of mentoring their communities, collective engagement with county leadership, university marketing and sharing of cultural values.

 Students are free to join the different clubs or societies or initiate the formation of a club or society that they feel would serve the interests of the majority but does not exist. Leadership of these clubs and societies is through election by fellow members with the support of a staff volunteer patron guided by the Dean of Students.