This Department is mandated to develop, nurture and promote an enabling environment that supports and enhances both academic and developmental pursuits of students. This is the go to department while at the university for all your welfare issues in support of your academic dreams and goals.  

The department is headed by the Dean of Students who administers, coordinates and oversees all the sections of the department and related service departments in the service of the student welfare. It is also the major mandate of the Dean of Students to represent the student concerns as well as advice the different levels of the university management and students’ family on issues of concern for the welfare of students.

Being a statutory office, and in accordance with Statute XII, 3 of the Kisii University Statutes 2013, the Dean of Students exercises such powers and performs such duties in respect to the students welfare and activities, which shall include: accommodation; counselling; discipline; mentorship; spiritual nourishment; sports and recreation; job placement; welfare organizations; and catering services. To this end, the office offers and oversees the following services that directly support the student wellness

  1. Student Association support services
  2. Accommodation, residency and security services
  3. Counselling and mental health support services
  4. Chaplaincy and spiritual support services
  5. Games and sports services
  6. Work-study program
  7. Student loans and bursaries
  8. Death and bereavement services
  9. Alcohol, drug and substance abuse intervention
  10. Coordination of clubs and societies