Dr. George Nyandoro
Director- Postgraduate Studies


The school of Postgraduate Studies Service Charter sets the scope and the standards of service rendered to all our Postgraduate Students, Staff and Stakeholders. The school of Postgraduate is committed and dedicated to the provision of quality service to all our clients and stakeholders.
Consequently, the school offers  the Doctor of Philosophy, Masters and Postgraduate Diploma Programmes. All these programmes are market driven  and the theses and projects are supervised by committed staff and completed on time. All the PhD  Programmes are offered by coursework, theses and examination. You are all welcomed to join any programme of your choice as long as you meet the minimum admission requirements. View postgraduate orientation supplement on The 29th May, 2014. Students can also Download partial guidelines for post graduate students’ progression


An efficient School committed to academic excellence in postgraduate studies.

A center of excellence in administering, promoting and co-ordinating postgraduate training, scholarship, pursuit of knowledge, research and publication, through linkages with industry and other professional institutions.

The following are our core values:
•    The School is committed to living up to the highest ideals of good governance in pursuing excellence.
•    Embrace the virtues of truth, integrity, honesty, tolerance, professionalism, team-work and meritocracy.
•    Uphold the ethics and etiquettes of teaching, learning and research.
•    Promote free pursuit of knowledge and innovation.
•    Facilitate sourcing of research funds.
•    Be at the forefront of providing leadership in postgraduate training and research.
•    Maintain competitive and market driven research and academic programmes.
•    Promote and defend the freedom of thought and academic enquiry as well as freedom of association and good management practices.
•    Have the courage to initiate and adapt to change.
•    Ensure openness and transparency in all its dealing and operations.

i.    The co-ordination of postgraduate syllabus and regulations;
ii.    The admission of postgraduate students;
iii.    The administration of postgraduate scholarships;
iv.    The administration of postgraduate research grants;
v.    The administration and processing of postgraduate theses, project or research papers;
vi.    The proper conduct and supervision of postgraduate programme; and
vii.    The general welfare and discipline of postgraduate students.

The Board carries its functions in line with the set out structure and governance of  Kisii University in accordance with the University statutes.
As stipulated in the statute  XX the Board has a membership consisting of the following;
o    The Director
o    The Deputy Director
o    A Representative from each College
o    Six Senate Representatives
o    The University Librarian
o    The Academic Registrar (Secretary)

In our service delivery we pledge to:
•    Serve our clients with dignity, courtesy and respect;
•    Provide efficient and effective service at all times;
•    Adhere to ethical and equitable service provision;
•    Uphold transparency and accountability at all times;
•    Espouse the principles of natural justice at all times;
•    Maintain appropriate confidentiality;
•    Discharge our duties professionally, passionately and with patriotism.

BPS Clients comprise the following among others:
•    Students
•    Parents
•    Employees
•    Alumniu
•    The Community
•    The General Public

BPS partners and stakeholders comprise the following among other:
•    Taxpayers
•    Ministry of Higher Education
•    Higher Education Loans Board
•    Other Government Departments
•    Universities
•    Commission for University Education
•    Research Collaborators
•    Training Institutions
•    DAAD
•    Linkage Partners
•    Industry Partners
•    Employers
•    Donors
•    Professional Bodies
•    Alumni Associations

We meet the following expectations of our clients:
•    A transparent admission process;
•    Exhaustive coverage of the approved syllabi;
•    Prompt processing of examination and research related components;
•    Courteous and timely response to requests and enquiries; 
•    Prompt clearance of students; and
•    Transparent award of scholarships based strictly on merit.

In our service delivery, we pledge that there will be:
•    Prompt processing of admissions;
•    Prompt of allocation of thesis and project supervisors;
•    Prompt defenses for both the proposals and theses;
•    The offices of the school shall remain open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on week days.
•    The School shall maintain a healthy, safe and pleasant environment for consultation and dialogue.
•    All telephone calls shall be attended to within the shortest time possible.
•    Routine correspondence shall be responded to within the shortest time possible from the date of receipt.
•    The school is a CORRUPTION FREE zone.
•    Clearance of students shall be finalized within the scheduled time.

•    Complaints, compliments and suggestions should be forwarded to the Director of the School of Postgraduate Studies.
•    Feedback may be channeled via telephone, letters, and e-mail or suggestion box.