Quality Assurance

Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance

The Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance was established in 2014. The office is responsible for coordinating all the following specific responsibilities:-

  • Conducting and developing pedagogic practices across the University;
  • Provide guidance in development and implementation of internal and external academic quality assurance procedures and practices in the University;
  • Ensure that graduates have attained skills, knowledge and competencies that are valued by stakeholders;
  • Identify internal and external standards and criteria consistent with internationally recognized standards for academic quality assurance at the University;
  • Facilitate development of a culture of continuous quality improvement to achieve academic excellence;
  • Assist Faculties, Schools and Institutes in maintaining and developing quality academic programmes through enhanced support processes.

2.  Student complaint.

Students unattended lectures, or any other complaints, observations, compliments, and suggestions on matters of academics can be channeled through the contact below:

Our Vision & Mission


To be the world’s leading academic quality assurance system in activating teaching, learning community service and research.


To nurture a culture of quality and continuous improvement in the academic division.

Our Core Values

Productivity and Team Work. The staff shall collaborate with each other and stakeholders to promote optimum performance and team spirit to achieve the Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives of the Directorate.

Transparency and Accountability. The Directorate shall uphold a culture of ethics, transparency and accountability in dealing with her stakeholders.

Professionalism. The Directorate shall uphold and promote high standards of expertise and professionalism in all her mandates.

Innovation. The Directorate shall endeavor to utilize the latest and most appropriate technology in achieving its objectives.

Integrity. The Directorate shall promote, uphold and sustain social and ethical responsibility.

Self Development. The Directorate shall endeavor to provide opportunities for self development to her staff.

Process. The Directorate shall endeavor to ensure that laid down guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Responsibility. The Directorate shall define a process for achieving and improving quality.