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Progress of the May-August 2020 Semester

Progress of the May-August 2020 Semester

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We are already in the fourth week of the May-August semester through the e-learning mode of study and wish to inform you of the following key issues;

  1. That any students who has not reported session officially and completed registration of units in the ERP is advised to do so through the student portal not later than Friday 19th June 2020
  2. That there will be mandatory onlineĀ CATs during classes for a period of one week starting Monday 22nd June 2020 to Friday 26th June 2020 as per the teaching timetable.
  3. That for a student to take the CATs and continue to learn the student will be required to have paid school fees as per the University’s fee policy.
  4. That there is a minimum class attendance requirement of 80% in a semester which you are hereby reminded to oblige. This percentage is analyzed based on one’s participation in live sessions, discussion forums, chats, interactions with uploaded content, stored recordings and engagement in available learning activities.

Wish you all the best in your studies this semester.

Dr. Joash M. Kerongo, PhD
AG. Registrar (ASA)

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