About the Department

The Department is divided into four sections as per the Public Procurement and Assets Disposal Act (PPADA), 2015 as follows:

  1. Administration, Planning and Budgetary Control Section (APBCs)
  2. Procurement Processing Section (PPs)
  3. Stores and Inventory Management Section (SIMs)
  4. Contract Management and Disposal Section (CMDs)

Mandate of Procurement and Supplies Department

  1. Preparation of University consolidated procurement plan.
  2. Registration of general suppliers.
  3. Acquisition of goods, works and services
  4. Disposal of surplus stores, equipment and other unserviceable assets
  5. Supplier Relationship Management
  6. Receiving, storage, control and issuance of procured items/works
  7. Contract management
  8. Advise the Accounting Officer and Management on the best procurement strategies to achieve value for money

Procurement Values and Principles

The department is guided by the following values and principles of the constitution and relevant legislations:

  1. The national values and principles provided for under Article 10;
  2. The equality and freedom from discrimination provided for under Article 27;
  3. Affirmative action programmes provided for under Articles 55 and 56;
  4. Principles of integrity under the Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012 (No. 19 of 2012);
  5. The principles of public finance under Article 201;
  6. The values and principles of public service as provided for under Article 232;
  7. Principles governing the procurement profession, international norms;
  8. Maximisation of value for money;
  9. Promotion of local industry, sustainable development and protection of the environment; and
  10. Promotion of citizen contractors.