Masters for Information Science (MISC)

Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

With the explosive growth of information in organizations and society, skilled information professionals are needed to handle and mange the information for effective decision making and learning. Information handling encompasses the complex processes of gathering, processing, storing, organization, retrieving, filtering, synthesizing, representing, disseminating and using information. The MISC in information studies programme is a multidisciplinary programme that draws on the disciplines of library and information science, information management and information technology. It provides broad-based information professions. The programme has designed to provide flexibility for students who wish to specialize in different areas:

  • Library & Information science
  • Information management and systems
  • Archival informatics
  • Media resource management

Aim and Objectives

  • To put emphasis on handling of information (which includes storage and access) in all forms rather than the conventional library activities.
  • To produce quality professionals capable of holding senior level positions in Libraries and archives, Information Institutions, Universities, etc. and also to build up efficient information intermediaries.
  • To make the environment around us realize that Information is a pervasive element in contemporary society, the development of which will depend upon the future shape of information services particularly with the usage of Information Communication Technologies. To this end in view, the MISC programme has been launched wherein information access, processing, organization and dissemination are the core components.

Admission Requirements

The common university rules and regulations for the Masters Degree programme specified in the Kisii University statutes shall be applicable.

In addition to above

 i. A holder of a lower second class honors degree from a recognized university with at least two (2) years relevant work experience or relevant professional qualifications; or

 ii. A holder of a pass degree from a recognized university with at least two (2) years relevant work experience and relevant professional qualifications; or

 iii. A holder of a professional qualification with at least two (2) years work experience and have passed university-level qualifying examination(s) in key subject areas approved by the faculty shall be eligible for admission for the Master of Information Science (MISC) programme


 i. All examinations for the MISC programme will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations as stipulated in the Kisii University Statutes.

 ii. Candidates must pass the MISC research project which is done individually with the help of an assigned supervisor.

 iii. Students are allowed to audit courses which shall be shown in the academic transcript .However, such courses shall not count towards the degree classification.