Master of Information Systems (ISYS)

Master of Information Systems (ISYS)

The tremendous growth in the ICT sector has developed a need for trained professionals in the field of information systems. These systems are considered large systems based on the monetary value invested in them and the number of people affected by them. The trained professionals are focused on management of the information systems and resources to enable a society to draw maximum benefits from ICTs. The Master of Information Systems (ISYS) programme is designed to address this training gap and provide ICT professionals with skills to play a significant role in the new ICT environment.

Aim and Objectives

The ISYS programme aims to produce high quality information systems professionals and provide leadership in research and generating new knowledge for implementation and management of information systems in developing countries of which Kenya is one of them. The objectives of the ISYS programme are:

3.1 To produce graduates who are capable of managing large information systems installation anywhere.

3.2 To produce graduates who can oversee the development and implementation of information systems in a professional manner.

3.3 Produce graduates with a deep understanding of information systems who are prepared to undertake further studies in the discipline

Admission Requirements

4.1The common University rules and regulations for the Masters Degree programme specified in the  Kisii University statutes shall be applicable.

4.2 In addition to 4.1 above,

4.2.1 a holder of a second class upper bachelors degree in information systems or related disciplines from a recognized university, or

4.2.2 a holder of a lower second class honours degree in information systems or related disciplines from a recognized university with at least two (2) years relevant work experience or relevant professional qualifications, o


7.1 All examinations for the ISYS programme will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations as stipulated in the Kisii University Statutes