Master of Education in Educational Foundations

Master of Education in Educational Foundations

This programme is designed to produce professionals that are capable of: analyzing the role of education in the processes of economic growth, political development, and social change; examining educational policy issues and locating their solutions within local and international contexts; and making informed contributions to contemporary debates about educational theory and practice, and solutions thereto.The programme prepares high-level personnel for universities, colleges, government, international and local educational agencies, in the area of teaching, research, policy analysis, educational administration and development education.

Aim and Objectives

At the end of this programme the graduate will be able to:

 2.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the dynamic relationship between school and community;

 2.2 Apply the theories and methods of educational foundations to the analysis of educational problems and improvement of educational practice in different social settings;

 2.3 Design and conduct research in educational foundations, and evaluate educational programmes and projects;

 2.4 Demonstrate enhanced participation in educational decision-making.


Admission Requirements

3.1The common regulations for Masters degree as stated in the Kisii University statutes shall apply.

3.2The general regulations for Masters degree in the Faculty of Education and Community studies shall apply.

3.3In addition to 3.1 and 3.2, the following shall be eligible for admission to the masters degree in educational foundations:

(i)Holder of Bachelor of Education (Science), Bachelor of Education (Arts), Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Education and Extension), or Bachelor of Education (Agriculture and Home Economics) with at least upper second class honours from Kisii University or any other recognized University.

(ii)Holder of Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree with at least upper second class honours, plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Kisii University or any other recognized University;

(iii)Holder of degree stated in 3.3 (i) and 3.3 (ii) above but with lower second class honours shall be eligible for admission if:

(a)they have relevant postgraduate training acceptable to the Kisii University senate,


(b)they have at least two years work experience in their field of specialization.


5.1The common rules and regulations for master’s degree of Kisii University shall apply.

5.2Each course shall be examined by a three-hour paper at the end of the semester in which the course is taken.

5.3Each candidate shall be examined by continuous assessment accounting for 40% and final examination accounting for 60% of the final grade.Candidates shall be required to pass all courses taken. The pass mark for each course shall be 50%.

5.4Marks obtained in an examination shall be as follows:

A 70%- 100% Very Good

B 60%-69%Good

C50%-59% Average

D 49% and below Fail

5.5The candidate will be expected to satisfy the Board of Examiners with regard to the thesis or project as stipulated in the University rules and regulations.