Kisii University TVET Institute is a public institution registered by TVETA to offer both Diploma and certificate courses in Kenya. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is an important part of the education system in Kenya, with the aim of developing skilled workers for the country. Today, Kenya; consider TVET as the panacea for economic development and unemployment reduction. The big 4 agenda reinforces the role of TVET to ensure no one is left behind and at the same time contribute to the wellbeing of the nation. Such aspiration is met by providing accessibility of quality TVET education to ALL through ensuring youths who are in the formal or out of the formal education system gain current work-based competencies and the competencies needed in the future. Hence, in achieving the big 4 agenda and vision 2030, TVET is offered as a lifelong learning process.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is designed to provide a population with knowledge and skills that will allow them to successfully become job creators or secure and retain their jobs. TVET is a mixture of formal, informal, and non-formal learning that provides youths the knowledge and skills they require for employment or become successful entrepreneurs. TVET is a value-added portion of a general education that integrates technology, sciences, practical skills, attitudes, understanding, and information relating to employment in different economic and social sectors. TVET has been a catalyst in the national development plans of industrialized nations. It has been shown that TVET in industrialized countries was able to enhance the country’s economic development, industrial expansion, and competitiveness. As a result, developed countries adopt the view that TVET is able to assist non-academically inclined individual to secure a job as a semi- or full-skilled worker in a particular career. Rapid developments in the economy and manufacturing processes demonstrate the need for highly skilled professionals with appropriate employability skills to meet the demands of the dynamic labour market of today. Furthermore, it provides a person with essential thinking skills, plus practical skills required to reach the job market. Employers around the world are searching for highly qualified workers who can adapt to rising workplace diverse needs. This suggests that prospective workers need to go beyond obtaining specialized knowledge for any work and acquire generic or employability skills instead. They must continuously develop knowledge, skills and learning capabilities in order to respond to changing business activities and conditions on the labour market

It is against this background that Kisii University Council in consultations with key stakeholders felt the need to establish TVET courses at Kisii University to offer opportunities for students in the region to undertake Diploma and certificate courses. Kisii University TVET Institute is duly registered by TVET authority certificate No: TVETA/PUBLIC/TVC/0013/2022 to train Diploma and certificate courses in various areas of specialization. Youth with C-(minus) and above qualify to join our Diploma courses of their interest, while those with D (plain) qualify to join our certificate courses

Kisii University TVET Institute has highly qualified and proactive staff ready to take you through your training journey. The institute also boast of modern facilities that will enable you experience lifelong learning. People living with disabilities are well catered for in our ultra-modern building.

Welcome to TVET.

Dr. Tom Mboya, PhD