ICT Department

ICT Department

Marriane Kemunto, Ag ICT Manager

The ICT Department provides technical support services to students and staff on ICT infrastructure including hardware and software. The Department is mandated to develop, implement and maintain the necessary policies and technological systems that support teaching and learning.

It also spearheads the use of ICT in education which leads to more student-centred learning settings. The Department is committed in providing a customer centred ICT service and to transform the University into automated learning and work environment that supports technological innovations.

The impact of ICTs on education sector has become far reaching and dependable information and communications system is essential for the efficient management and operation of Kisii University. 

The process of integrating technology in education and research has been ongoing for the past two decades. Kisii University has given special attention to Information Communication and Technology (ICT) in order to expedite the Learning procedures, Research and Development. The university is currently reviewing the curricula and instruction in the light of demand of ICT-related technologies for the advancement of academic excellence, research and social welfare.

Our Vision & Mission


“ICT’s vision is to become a hub of ICT infrastructure with sustainable research, learning, development and enhancement of computer literacy in the region”.


“To facilitate computer literacy by ensuring the availability of accessible, efficient and reliable ICT services”

Our Objectives

  • To lead, manage and develop ICT infrastructure in the university.
  • To provide excellent user support  customer centred services, that are responsive to the changing needs of the user.
  • To maintain an effective staff development programme to ensure that ICT staff continue to develop the necessary skills to provide high-quality services and support.
  • To actively contribute to the University Sustainability agenda.
  • To contribute and promote the effective use of ICT and leading a number of reviews of business processes within the organization.
  • Exploits technology to its full potential.
  • Provides the lead in access to electronic forms of information

Our Core Values

  • Professional and friendly
  • Proactive as well as reactive
  • Customer focused 
  • Collaborative and sharing
  • Challenging and supportive
  • Forward thinking and reflective