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AuthorAID training workshop on Communicating Research Findings to Policy Makers on 31 June – 1st July 2016

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The office of Research and Extension Kisii University, held an AuthorAID training workshop on Communicating Research Findings to Policy Makers on 31 June – 1st July 2016. Participants were drawn from various Universities in Kenya: Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, Maseno University, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Egerton University, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology, and Kisii University. The workshop was coordinated by Prof. Anakalo Shitandi, assisted by staff from the Research and Extension Division.

Participants were drawn from PhD holders and PhD candidates undertaking various courses. The workshop was very successful, and the students expressed a lot of interest for similar fora in the future where they come together to learn from different Universities.

The workshop was opened by the Ag. DVC ASA and Registrar Research and Extension Prof. Anakalo Shitandi. Facilitators were:



Prof. Anakalo Shitandi

Kisii University

Prof. Augustine Agwuele

University of Texas, Austin-USA

Prof. kefa Otiso

Bowling Green States University

Prof. Christine Mathenge

Austin Peay State University, USA

Dr. Harman Kiriama

Kisii University

Dr. Margaret Barasa

Kisii University

Participants were introduced to AuthorAID and its functions, and were encouraged to join as members and to network among themselves and with the facilitators to share scientific information. Doing so could facilitate organization of future workshops for the participants and other interested individuals.

Among the topics that were discussed were:

  1. Objectives of Workshop, effective communication skills,

  2. Getting your work published - Transforming ideas into research questions

  3. Communication products: Policy briefs:

1). What are policy briefs and who are they for? How are policy briefs structured?

How to write a policy brief.

Example of a policy brief

2). Communication products: research briefs

What are research briefs and who are they for? How to structure and write a research brief

  1. Dissemination of research findings to policy makers. A case study of urban planning

  2. Discussion-Experiences in Research Policy makers

The workshop was then concluded with a Panel Discussion in which the participants got to interact with the facilitators and shared their research topics for discussion and guidance.

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