Dr. Pia Okeche – Chair of Department
Dr. Pia holds a Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Background Information

The Department of Political Science and Peace Studies was established in November 2017. This was occasioned by the splitting of the now-defunct Department of Arts and Social Sciences into various departments in line with their unique specializations to enhance management and efficiency.



To meet World Class standards in the advancement of academic excellence, research, social responsibility, and social welfare.


To train human resource that meets the development needs of the country and international labour market, sustain the production of quality and relevant research, and disseminate knowledge, skills, values, and competencies for the advancement of humanity.


  • Enable students to acquire excellent administrative and research skills, understand issues intelligently, think logically and methodologically, talk and write coherently and clearly, carry out an investigation, accurately evaluate past trends, judiciously anticipate future developments, and comprehend the real world. 
  • Broaden students’ intellectual learning through intensive and vigorous exposure of the student to key issues, concepts, methodologies, techniques and processes of studying and understanding politics, as well as deepening students’ breadth of learning by giving them intensive and vigorous exposure to different approaches of studying and understanding problems and issues emerging from different political and administrative processes.
  • Analyze, understand, and apply various approaches and views as expressed in theory and their practical application to political, administrative, diplomacy, and international relations.

Academic Staff

Prof Edmund Were         

Associate Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies


Mr. Wilfred Rotich Chacha     

Tutorial Fellow, Public Administration, and Policy.



  • Okeche.P, Kasilli.J, and Vundi. S. (2015) Assessing the Involvement of Student Welfare in Peace Initiative Programmes in Management of Student Conflicts in Kenyan Public Universities. Research journal’s Journal of Education Vol.3 No.8 August/2015 ISSN2347-8225
  • Okeche. P, Onkware.K, and Vundi, S. (2015) Peace Initiative Programmes by Student Welfare Departments and their effectiveness in managing student conflicts. International Journal of Education and Research Vol.3 No. 7 July 2015

Calendar of Events

  • Departmental defenses every first Wednesday of the month for concept papers and proposals. 
  • The Department of Political Science and Peace Studies also holds Workshops facilitated by faculty and postgraduate students.  
  • The Department also participates in corporate social responsibility alongside the university community.

Photos and Brief Information of Important Events

Department of Political Science and Peace studies Proposal Defense. 

Facilitators in Peace and Conflict Workshop themed “Peacebuilding Initiatives”, July 24th– 25th 2018. Sponsored by Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship program & Kisii University.