Dr. Anthony Ichuloi
Chair of Department
Dr. Anthony Ichuloi holds two bachelor degrees (Philosophy and Theology). He holds a Licentiate in Moral Theology and a Master’s degree in Philosophy. He has a Doctoral degree in Philosophy. He enjoys a wide experience in the teaching profession. He taught at Saint Paul’s University – Limuru, Egerton University, and Mount Kenya University, before joining Kisii University.
Email: anthonichuloi@gmail.com

Background Information

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies was created in November 2017. This was necessitated by the fact that various courses in Philosophy and Religious Studies in the university were offered by departments that were not directly of the philosophical and religious bearing. There was also a growing number of students’ enrolment in Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programmes in Religion, which in essence needed a department that will directly address their academic concerns.

Today, the issue of reflective, moral, and credible leadership is wanting in society, particularly in Kenya. There is an avalanche of scandals in almost every sector of society. The basis for this decadence can be attributed to a lack of critical and moral embracement training of personnel, particularly in governance and leadership, teaching and training institutions, whereby philosophical and religious values are adversely overlooked. Therefore, Kisii University through the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies seeks to prepare qualified and competent people who will be able to offer much-needed support in mitigating moral challenges in society.


The mission of the Department

To meet the goals of Kisii University, the mission of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is to produce highly talented graduates who can integrate philosophical, moral, and religious knowledge to form a basis for a meaningful life within the public, private and the non-governmental sectors of society. It is an insightful multi-disciplinary department that is characterized by a dynamic and professional approach that makes religion a hinge that informs all other disciplines in the School of Arts and Social Sciences.

Our Philosophy

To cultivate and build learners religiously, morally, and professionally towards an informed and critical approach to issues affecting humanity in a global and multicultural setting as exemplified in the vision 2030 and beyond.

The Rationale of the Department

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at all levels offers career-oriented, professional, and liberal religious and moral education, which prepares its learners in a variety of philosophical, moral, and religious disciplines necessary for a rapidly growing pluralistic society that yearns for religious and moral values. The implied disciplines would assist the learners and, particularly those working or engaged with activities related to human needs in both government and non-governmental institutions by providing a reflective faith-based and ethical framework for effective service delivery to society. Further, it would help in engaging the learners with opportunities provided by international, governmental, and non-government bodies.

Our Objectives

  1. To have insightful teaching in philosophical, ethical, and religious spheres en-framed within a value-based approach.
  2. To obtain a firm foundation in critical thinking skills associated with proper religious and philosophical training.
  3. To foment intellectual, ethical, and religious principles, underlining interpersonal values.


Student Enrollment

The department is experiencing a growing number of students in the programmes offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
  • Master of Arts in Religion
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Religion


Our Staff

Dr. Richard Ayako (Lecturer)

Dr. Richard holds a Ph.D. degree in Ministry in Global Mission Leadership, MA in Theology, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology. He is an Ordained Gospel Minister in the Seventh-day Adventist Church serving in various capacities. He is an academician and scholar interested in research in the area of religious studies.

Dr. Daniel Kandagor (Senior Lecturer)

Dr. Daniel Rotich Kandagor holds a bachelor’s degree, a Master’s in History, and a Doctoral degree in religion. He is quite an experienced person in academics and administrative responsibilities. He taught Mount Kenya University, Egerton, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, and Kisii University.

Dr. Erick Ogwora (Senior Lecturer)

Dr. Erick Ogwora holds a bachelor’s degree, Masters and Doctoral (all in the area of Philosophy). He is quite an experienced person. Currently is a senior lecturer in Philosophy, Board member of KEMRI. Also taught at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Mr. George Simiyu (Tutorial Fellow)

Mr. Simiyu joined the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies in 2018 as a tutorial fellow. He has a special interest in General Philosophy and Philosophy of Education. Other areas of interest include Cultural Studies and Political Science.

Dr. Maurice Ogolla (Lecturer)

Dr. Maurice Ogolla holds a Ba degree in religious studies, MA in religious studies, and Ph.D. in religious studies. He has taught at Catholic University and is currently a lecturer at Kisii University. Dr. Ogolla has is experienced in the teaching profession.

Mrs. Ruth Nyamongo (Tutorial Fellow)

Mrs. Nyamongo holds a Masters in Religious Studies. She is a tutorial fellow teaching religious studies courses in the department. She is a Ph.D. registered student in Religion.

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Calendar of Events

To enhance research and publications, the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies holds paper and research presentations every first Wednesday of the Month.