Anti-ADA Unit

Anti-ADA Unit

DR. SAMSON BARONGO (PhD) Coordinator Anti-ADA control Unit Tel: +254 725451006 E-mail: International Certified Addiction Professional (Colombo)-ICAP11 Forward

Excessive abuse of alcohol and drugs depletes family finances, lead to lose of opportunities, time and increase the cost of health care, leads to violence and criminal activities and ultimately may lead to death .To curb the problem associated with drug and substance abuse, Kisii University has developed a “Work Place Policy on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, 2015” that is a guideline to educate students and staff on the dangers on the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

In line with its mission and vision Kisii University is committed to an “Alcohol and Substance Abuse free work environment” as the guiding principle. The University endeavours to co-ordinate the prevention, early detection, mitigation and management of alcohol and substance abuse through education, advocacy, empowerment, enforcement and partnership for a productive workforce. With this Policy as a guide, the management, staff, students and stakeholders have the collective responsibility of addressing Alcohol and Substance Abuse issues within the University and beyond.

The university seeks to provide an enabling environment for the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge and intellectual growth of student. The University is further devoted to ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of all employees and students in the workplaceby putting measures for student and staff to desist from abusing alcohol and drugs.

Individuals with alcohol or substance abuse problems shall continue receiving professional help through the Anti-Alcohol and Drug Abuse Unit (Anti-ADA Unit). However, the individual should voluntarily initiate such action himself/herself, though in extreme cases mandatory treatment and rehabilitation may be taken as need be. The Anti-ADA Unit provides counselling services by professionals who have wider experience in complexities of substance abuse.

The university work place policy on alcohol and substance abuse supports the Kenyan government/state law prohibiting illegal drug and substance abuse at work place and academic institutions. It will enable the university to safeguard the health ,welfare of her community through the programme that promote healthy lifestyle .It will help also the university in providing support systems that mitigate against the effect of alcohol and substance abuse . The policy will go a long way in fulfilling the government‘s mission of having a healthy and productive population that would participate fully in the county development agenda.

Lastly, the policy provides a frame work through which intervention may be availed to address various aspect of alcohol and substance abuse .It is my firm belief that this document will provide the information required to initiate and sustain ADA prevention and support programs in the university.