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Below is a list of rules and regulations

Order and silence must be maintained at all times in the Library.

- Briefcases, bags, overcoats, hats, umbrellas, etc., are not allowed in the library.

- All persons entering the library must show their university Identification at the entrance.

- All persons leaving the library must show all their documents to the Security staff at exit.

- The library will not take responsibility for loss or damage of personal property left in the

reading and baggage areas.

- Ink bottles, paints or any item which may accidentally damage library materials are not

allowed into the library.

- Damage of library materials, equipment, property, or building is prohibited and must be

reported immediately to library staff. Those responsible must pay for the damage.

- The Library reserves the right to ask any person to stop using computer equipment if the

library staff has reasonable grounds to believe that that person is misusing it.

- Computers are provided for the purpose of research and other educational endeavours.

Misuse of these facilities e.g. game playing, personal Email, E-trade, hacking and change

of PC or Network settings, online application or registration is prohibited.

- Food, drinks, edibles i.e. Chewing gum, biscuits etc wet umbrellas and any other materials

that might damage library materials or property should not be brought to the library.

- Stealing and attempting to steal library property is an offence. The offenders, if caught, will

pay three times the cost of the material.

- The University Librarian will suspend any user whose conduct in the library is unbecoming

or disorderly or causes damage to Library Materials or Property.

- Any borrower who fails to return or renew a long-loan material is charged a fine of 10/=

shillings per material per day, up to 30 days. After 30 days, the borrower is billed for the


- Short loan materials are issued for a maximum period of 4 hours. Any borrower who fails

to return a book from the Short-loan collection or Africana at a stated time shall be charged

a fine of Kshs20/= per material per hour. Note that Sundays and Public holidays are included

in calculating all the fines.

- Any user with overdue materials will not be allowed to borrow any additional materials

until all fines are paid.

- Users are responsible for checking that the books they borrow are not damaged before they

are borrowed, otherwise, they will be held responsible for the damage.

- Every reader entering the library should deposit their belongings at the property counter

- Incase of a power outage/blackout every reader MUST clear from the library within

15 minutes It is an offence to be found in the library after the 15 minutes of the

power outage/blackout

- Cyber Library is to be utilized for academic purpose only.

- Online chatting in the cyber- library is not allowed.

- Users are not allowed to carry eatables and drinks in the cyber Library area.

- Readers are not to share their e-mail ID and password with other students.

- Changing the setting and display of the computers kept in the cyber library/reading hall is

not allowed.

- Playing games on computers is strictly prohibited in the entire library premises.

- Students should take care of their pen drives, CD/DVD ROMs, Cell Phones and wallets.

- Use of internet for any commercial purpose is prohibited.

- Users should not interfere with or disrupt network services or equipment.

- Disruptions include but are not limited to:

             i. Distribution of unsolicited advertising

             ii. Propagation of computer worms or viruses

            iii. Software Piracy

            iv. Violation of copyright law and infringement of copyrighted material