CURICULUM VITAE (SUMMARY)

NAME:Prof. Charles Kombo Okioga, PhD


Associate Professor, School of Business and Economics, Department of Finance, Accounting, and Banking, and Director, Peace and Security Studies, Kisii University.

CURRENT ADDRESS:             P.O. Box 1127 – 40200,

            KISII, Kenya.

CELL PHONE:             +254-723-068892; +254-720-450181

E-MAIL:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NATIONALITY:              Kenyan

MARITAL STATUS:              Married


2005 -  Doctorate in Finance by Washington University’s School of Business Administration.

2003 -  Completed my PhD course work, Faculty of Commerce, University of Nairobi.

1986 -  Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from United States International University (USIU), San Diego, California, United States of America.

1981 -  Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) in Business Administration from USIU, San Diego, California, United States of America.

1972–1974:   Three (3) Principle Passes in A-Level.

1968–1971: Secondary Education at Kisii High School; obtained East Africa Certificate of Education Certificate.

1961–1967: Primary Education at Itierio Primary and obtained a Kenya Primary Education Certificate.


  1. Senior Lecturer, PhD and MBA classes in Finance courses at Kisii University.

  2. Senior Lecturer, PhD and MSc. in Agriculture and Extension classes on Finance, Marketing, and Management courses at Kisii University.

  3. Senior Lecturer, MSc. in Agriculture and Community Leadership/Administration at Kisii University.

Supervision Completed and Degrees Awarded:

25 (fifteen) MBA Graduates

On-going MBA and MSc. Supervision:

6  (six) Candidates who are at their various stages in their thesis/projects.

PhD Supervision (final stages):

4  (four) Candidates.

PhD Supervision in early stages:

4  (four) Candidates.


  1. Challenges Facing Financial Institutions in Marketing Their Products.

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing, German

Author: Prof. Charles Okioga.

  1. Managing Conflicts in the Workplace.

Publisher: Downtown Printing Works Limited, Kenya.

Author: Prof. Charles Kombo Okioga and Mr. Erick Nyakundi Onsongo

  1. 4 (four) more books which are in their final stages.


I have authored a good number of reputable articles/research papers, for example:

  1. The Impact of Informal Sector Training on Economic Development: Perspectives from Kisii County, Kenya. (International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow, ISSN: 2249 – 9962, July 2012. www.ijbmt.com).

  2. Quality Issues in the Expansion of University Education in Kenya: The Human Resource Challenges and Opportunities. (Chinese Business Review,ISSN 1537 – 1506 June 2012, Vol. 11, No. 6, 596 – 605. www.ijbmt.com).

  3. Factors That Determine Customer Retention to a Mobile Telephone Service Provider: A Case of Mobile Phone Subscribers in Kisii Township, Nyanza Province, Kenya. (International Journal of Business and Management Cases –Vol. 1 No. 2, June 2012. www.ijbmc.com).

  4. Challenges Facing Procurement Committees in Implementing the Procurement Act: A Case of Secondary Schools Procurement Committees in Kisii County, Kenya. (Elixir Management Arts ISSN 2229 – 712X, 48 (2012), 9186 – 9191. May 2012. www.elixirjournal.org).

  5. The Contribution of Good Corporate Governance Practices on the Flow of Investor into   Nairobi Securities Exchange. (International Journal of Current Research, www.journalcra.com).

  6. The Contribution of a Developed Reward System on Employee Retention: A Case of Kisii Bottlers Limited, Kenya. (European Journal of Business and Management).

  7. Strategies Which Are Key to the Success of the Corporate Institutions in Kenya: A Case of Selected Corporate Institutions in Kenya. (European Journal of Business and Management).

  8. The Hire Purchase Business: Is It A Win-Win Situation? (International Journal of Humanities and Social Science).

  9. A Survey of Factors Influencing Investment Decisions at the Nairobi Stock Exchange (Okioga, Aduda, Shiundu).

  10. Assessment of the Effects of Performance Management Practices on Provision of Financial Services by Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies: A Case of Gusii Mwalimu Sacco, Kisii Central District, Kenya (A. Onsase, C.K. Okioga, D.K. Okwena and A.N. Ondieki) .

  11. Assessment of the Effect of External Financing on Financial Performance of Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Kisii Central District, Kenya (A.N. Ondieki, C.K. Okioga, D.K. Okwena, and A. Onsase).

  12. An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Audit Systems in the Management of Decentralized Funds in Kenya: A Study of Local Authority Transfer Fund in Kisii Municipal Council, Kisii Central District, Kenya (S.N. Ongeri, C.K. Okioga, and D.K. Okwena).

  13. An Assessment of the Effects of Accounting Practices of the Management of Funds in Public Secondary Schools: A Study of Kisii Central District, Kenya (Nyakundi Nyanyuki, Charles Okioga, Patrick Ojera, Robert Nyamao Nyabwanga, and Tom Onsare Nyamwamu): Asian Journal of Business and Management Sciences, Vol. 2 No. 8 (34 – 50) – www.ajbms.org; ISSN: 2047



I received a Certificate of Excellence in recognition of my outstanding Research Papers – July 2012.www.ijbmt.com).


I have attended seminars, workshops, and conferences both in Kenya and outside Kenya (overseas) on the following areas:

  • November 2012, participated at the 7th JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology) Scientific Technological and Industrialization Conference. The theme of the conference was “Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development.”  I presented 3 (three) paper as titled above, numbers 10, 11, and 12.

  • August 2010, participated in the inaugural of African International Business and Management Conference (AIBUMA).

  • November 2009, attended the World Travel Market in London and an educational conference under the auspices of the Centre for International Tourism Research at Sheffield Business School, in the United Kingdom, for 10 days. I was sponsored by Kisii University. This was part of a DIUS/British Council funded Educational Partnership for Africa (EPA).

  • Cross Border Grains’ Trade (Gambia),

  • Handling and Payment of Farm Produce from Co-operative Societies (Zambia),

  • How to Manage Finance Belonging to Farmers for their Products (Zambia),

  • The Economical Way on Grains’ Distribution in Developing Countries (Italy),

  • Trade Development and Storage of Dry Foods (USA),

  • Wheat Storage and Disposal in the Most Economic Way (Canada),

  • Financial Transactions on Imports and Exports of Grains (UK),

  • General Ports’ Operations (USA).


2009  To-date (2015):   External Examiner (up to PhD level), University of Nairobi, Kenya.

2012 To-date (2015):   External Examiner (up to Masters’ level), Rongo University College, Kenya.

2008 To-date (2015):  Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor, Kisii University.

2009 – 2012:   Chaired various committees in the university, for example, Anti-corruption Committee which finally came up with The Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy as well as Anti-corruption Plan (Policy) documents, and Public Complaints Committee which has always received praises from The Public Complaints Standing Committee. This culminated to the awarding of a Certificate on Resolution of Complaints and Service-Delivery in the Public Sector whereby Kisii University scored 93% which met the criteria “Very Good”.            

2009 - 2010:  Founding Dean Faculty of Commerce, Kisii University.

Curriculum Development:

As the Founding Dean in the Faculty of Commerce, I steered the development and approval of several faculty programs including 4 (four) masters’ and 2 (two) doctoral (PhD). I also initiated the hiring of competent lectures in the Faculty of Commerce as well as starting 3(three) additional departments in the faculty.

Nov. 1995 to July 2008: Integrity International Consultants as Senior Business Management and Finance Consultant and later, as Managing Director.

October, 1995:As a Consultant, I carried out under Contract No. INT/95/G64– UN/OPS, New York, and successfully completed a UNDP Survey on the chemical fumigant, Methyl

Bromide, in regards to its quantities and uses in areas that included Control of Post-harvest diseases and pests, Pre-plant soil fumigation, and Quarantine and Pre-shipment in Kenya.

1995: Private Consultancy Services.

1981 – 1994: Senior Manager, National Cereals and Produce Board which is a government parastatal.

1977–1980: I wasBranch Manager, National Cereals and Produce Board.

1976:  I wasAssistant Branch Manager, National Cereals and Produce Board.

1974 – 1975: I held the position of Office and Stock Control Officer,National Cereals and Produce Board.


  • Preparation of Procedures’ Manual for National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB),

  • Job Evaluation for employees of NCPB,

  • Food Monitoring and Control System (FOMCOS) at NCPB,

  • Investigation of frauds and irregularities, NCPB

  • Staff Development Programs and External Training,

  • Organization review and assessment of manning levels, NCPB

  • Crop Survey country-wide (for ample storage and payment), Ministry of Agriculture

  • Staff Disciplinary Committee (SDC) member, NCPB,

  • Internal training of staff, NCPB

  • Preparation of both pre-shipment and shipment of exports by NCPB and Ministry of Agriculture.

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