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A part from the general common courses, the faculty has developed three departments which offer specific and market driven programs. These are:

Department of Social Sciences

Department of languages and Literature

Department of Humanities

 These three departments have been developed in the faculty. Currently, the faculty offers diploma courses which are meant not only to offer diploma as a way of preparing the students to qualify for the undergraduate degrees, but also, to prepare students to take up various work responsibilities. This is because our diploma courses are full of practical component which is supported by the rich theoretical teaching this makes the students to develop a hand on modal where they are ready to carry out and engage in multi task. Some of the diploma courses include:

 Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies

 Diploma in Public Administration and Political Science

 Diploma in Community Development

 Diploma in County Governance

 Diploma in Social Work

Furthermore, the faculty has initiated degree courses in many disciplines. These degree courses are rich in many aspects. They are meant to help the student come up with various specialized training which empowers them to be marketable both nationally and internationally. Many emerging issues have been incorporated in our curriculum to offer opportunity for the students to learn them in class and start thinking about them as a way of preparing themselves to the outside world. Designed from a rich need assessment and societal study, these courses do not only prepare students to carry out specialized function in job set up, but also, empowers and places them a notch higher in terms of thinking, creativity and innovation to start their own enterprise. This training, to our understanding, is the best and edges out all other universities and makes our degree desirable from all dimensions. Some of our fully developed degree courses include:

BA in Economics and Sociology

BA in Community Development

BA Applied Linguistics

BA Kiswahili

BA History

BA Religion

BA Social Work

BA Criminology and Security Studies

BA in Public Administration and Political Science

BA in Sociology and Social Work

BA Geography

BA Psychology

BA Peace and Conflict Management

BA  Counseling Psychology

BA Sociology

Moreover, in line with various specializations, the faculty has recently developed new MASTERS programs and this has attracted a huge number of applicants. These programs have been designed to open up our students to various specializations. Being multi -disciplinary programs students from other fields have flocked our faculty to engage in some courses, some of which require a strong basis from undergraduate. All these are highly recognized and are quite stimulating in realizing social economic development. They include:

MA History

MA Geography

MA Religious Studies

MA Literature

MA Linguistics

MA Kiswahili

MA Project Planning and Management

MA Political Science

MA Development Studies

MA Public Administration and Public Policy

MA County Management and Governance

MA International Relations

MA Peace and Conflict Management

MA Sociology

MA Public Administration and Public policy

MA Criminology and Security Studies

The greatest sign of progress and academic prosperity of any faculty is the creation and development of PhD courses that offer quality training and research opening for the students. The faculty of arts and social sciences has since its inception strived to build strong knowledge based, value based and skill based programs and of recent the faculty has edged out as the best in the region. Our PhD courses have attracted students not only from our country but also across East Africa. This is a true measure of how competitive and marketable the PhD programs in the faculty of arts and social sciences have risen. In addition, our PhD programs have attracted so many universities to come to bench mark to learn how to create such market driven courses of such quality. This has been a plus not only for the faculty, but also, for the university. Just to mention but a few, we have:

PhD in Development Studies

PhD in County Management and Governance

PhD in Political Science

PhD in Leadership and Governance

PhD in Disaster Management

PhD in Peace and Conflict Management

PhD in Religious Studies

PhD in Literature

PhD in History

PhD in Kiswahili

PhD in Linguistics

PhD in Project Planning and Management

PhD in Counseling Psychology