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Ph.D in Development Studies, Ph.D in Gender and Development, Ph.D in Political Science, Ph.D in
Leadership and Governance, Ph.D in Disaster Management, Ph.D in – Peace & Conflict Management,
Ph.D in -Philosophy, Ph.D in -Religion Studies, Ph.D in -Literature, Ph.D in -Linguistics, Ph.D in -Kiswahili, Ph.D in History, Ph.D -Criminology and Security Studies, Ph.D - Counseling Psychology.

Requirements: Holders of Masters degree in relevant field or its equivalent from a recognized Institution
Duration and mode: 3 Academic yrs 150,000/= per Year.

M.A History, M.A Geography, MA-Religion Studies, M.A Literature, M.A Linguistics, M.A Kiswahili,
M.A Philosophy, M.A Peace and Conflict Management, MA- Sociology, M.A Public Administration &
Public Policy, MA- Development Studies, M.A Project Planning & Management, M.A Political Science,
M.A International Relations, MA-Criminology and Security Studies, MA- Counseling Psychology.

Requirements: B.ED degree with at least upper second-class honours in relevant field OR B.Sc/B.A degree
plus post graduate diploma in education or its equivalent.
Duration and mode: 2 Academic years 100,000/= per Year.

BA-Economic and Sociology
Requirements: KCSE with a minimum grade of C + plus with C+ plus in English with at least C (plain) in

Bsc. Community Development, B.A Linguistics, B.A Kiswahili, B.A General History, B.A General
Religion, B.A Sociology, B.A Social Anthropology, B.A Community and Social Development, B.A
Public Administration & Political Science, B.A Social Work, B.A Developmental Studies, B.A
Criminology and Security Studies, B.A Peace and Conflict Management, B.A Psychology, B.A
Psychological Counseling, B.A Industrial psychology, B.A. in County Governance, B.A. in
International Relations, Conflict Resolution &Peace Building, B.A. in Ethics & Anti -Corruption
Studies, B.A. in Disaster Management .

Requirements: KCSE with a minimum grade of C+ (plus) with C+ (plus) in subject area and
English/Kiswahili or Diploma in related field.
Duration: 4 Academic years 88,000/= Per Year.

Diploma in Public Administration & Political Science, Diploma in Community and Social
Development, Diploma in Social Work, Diploma in Public Relations, Diploma in Music, Diploma in
Criminology and Security Studies, Diploma in County Governance, Diploma in International
Relations, Conflict Resolution &Peace  Building, Diploma in Ethics & Anti-Corruption Studies,
Diploma in Disaster Management .

Requirements: KCSE mean grade C- (Minus) or its Equivalence or a certificate in Related Field.
Duration: 2 Academic years 54,000/= per Year

Certificate in Electoral Law, Administration & Management, Certificate in County Management &
Governance, Certificate in Criminology & Administration of Justice, Certificate in Public Relations,
Certificate in Music, Certificate in Social Work, Certificate in Community & Social Development,
Certificate in International Relations, Conflict Resolution &Peace Building, Certificate in Disaster
Management .

Requirements: Mean Grade of D+ (plus) or its equivalent or a certificate related field
Duration:  4 months 20,500/=