To become a dynamic and a vibrant School of Arts and Social Sciences that is driven by the desire for knowledge through research, innovation by attentive experience, intelligent understanding and reasonable judgments of the societal reality.


To create market and need driven courses that prepares the learner holistically: intellectually, morally, and religiously to undertake various responsibilities in the society and in the global world.


·         To discern Degree, Master and Doctoral courses those are unique and appropriate to the modern world.

·         To facilitate teaching and learning of arts and social science programs.

·         To offer courses that are market driven, knowledge based, skill equipped, socially fitting, economically empowering and politically challenging.

·         To empower learners to become competent socially, economically and politically in answering the needs of the modern society.


The faculty of arts is a newly founded faculty. Its insurgence was long awaited because the faculty trains a very unique component to the student.  The faculty of arts and social sciences is charged with a responsibility of insemination of knowledge in the social building and societal development of man. What is unique to the faculty  is that, it is not only offering its courses on specific disciplines, but also,  the faculty has come up with courses which are suitable to all students doing diploma, degree, Master’s and doctorate in other faculties.


The reason why we advocate that every student should do common courses from our faculty is because they are supposed to learn how to live well with others in the society. Secondly, those courses are well chosen and dynamically tailored to as to help the learner to think intelligently and reason critically about issues, not only in their specific specialization, but also, in other areas of life and interest. Such courses are meant to sharpen their thinking skills and develop a wide range of problem solving techniques. Third, education being multi- dimensional, through this courses one is helped to discover himself, his potency, his ability, his weakness and general personality through a systematic appraisal and assessment especially through such courses like, Critical Thinking, Philosophy and Society, Governance and Society, logic, Psychology and Ethics.