Games Section

This section is tasked with the management and administration of games and sports for both students and staff. It is headed by Mr. David Obungu. The section facilitates students’ sporting events through maintenance of playing grounds, provision of playing equipments and taking students out to compete in tournaments. Nearly all games and sporting disciplines are available in the University. The games office normally organizes inter-year competitions each academic year to identify talented students to join the University team in various disciplines.

The games office ensures that the University is registered with relevant sports associations in which our students compete alongside other universities and sporting associations. Such linkages provide a good platform for students to interact and network with people from different backgrounds in both professional and social upbringing.

There are other clubs and associations that represent the University in National competitions. These include;

University Choir.- Won trophies and feted in the gala of the 2013/14 National Music Festivals held in Nakuru
Drama group. - Feted in State concert at State House Mombasa in 2013/14 National drama festivals with a consistent appearance in National gala since 2009
Scouts movement.- Competed and won in camp competitions to National level
Other fitness and social groups include Salsa group, Karate club etc

Other exciting annual calendar events include;

Cultural week festival
Career day
Moonlight VCT

Upcoming Events


Kisii University Kericho Campus, through the office of Research and Extension is pleased to host Prof. Tumi Khumalo, Associate Professor of Psychology from North-West University in South Africa.

Prof. Khumalo will present a public lecture on the Principles of and Relevance of Positive Psychology in Africa which will be held on 25th March, 2017 at the Main Campus, Old Moot Court.

His research, in the broad field of Positive Psychology, focuses on measurement and psychometric properties, understanding and promoting youth well-being, as well as cross-cultural studies in Positive Psychology. He is also a co-editor of a research-informed South African teaching textbook on Positive Psychology entitled “Towards flourishing: Contextualizing positive psychology”.

In 2013, He joined Optentia Research Focus Area (NWU, VTC) as a researcher and Associate Professor. Currently he leads the Psycho-social well-being and communal thriving sub-programme in Optentia. Researchers in this subprogram are interested in value-adding research that focuses on understanding, measuring, and promoting psychosocial well-being among youth and adults in the various life domains. His students’ work focuses on cross-cultural adaptation of psychological conceptual and operational models, and quantitative correlational studies. The specific areas of interest include VIA strengths and virtues, meaning in life, eudaimonic well-being, basic psychological needs, as well as self-efficacy and hope.



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