Kisii University is a Chartered Public University offering a wide range of courses at an affordable price which cannot be compared to any university operating in Nairobi. The university was established due to the demand and thirst for higher education which has been very expensive in Kenya. The university will help in reducing the bureaucratic red tapes which have been put in place by other Universities making some students stay in school for up to six years for a Masters and PhD programmes. The University will therefore help students in finishing their programmes within the required minimum period of time.

The location of the Campus provides cool, serene and breathtaking scenery with the perfect ambience and environment conducive for teaching, learning as well as high intellectual exploration. With flexible study options ranging from fulltime, Morning, evening, weekend and school-based programmes at an affordable fee. It’s an ideal place for academic, spiritual and moral growth.

The university is strategically located at the heart of the capital city of Kenya making it easily accessible. We are located at Corner House 10th Floor on Kimathi Street next to Hilton hotel. The campus plays a major role in increasing access to quality affordable education. We have a well equipped ultra modern library. With a state - of - art ICT lab, fully equipped with the best and quality ICT equipment, our classrooms are spacious and well furnished .Through research and outreach programs the campus hopes to spur the economic, social and cultural development in Nairobi and Kenya at large.

Academic Programmes:
The curriculum offered is approved by Kisii University Senate and taught by Senate approved lecturers; the examinations are set, administered, moderated and processed by the University. 
Mode of Study: 
Full time/Morning/Evening/Weekend/School-Based (School Holidays).
Learning System followed: 
Trimester (3 Semesters in a calendar year). 
(a) Regular: January/ May/September    
(b) School Based: April/August/ December
Application procedure:
Application forms are obtained from:
Kisii University Nairobi Campus, Corner House 10th Floor Kimathi Street opposite Kimathi Street.
Kindly pick application forms from our admission office. You can as well call or SMS your Name, Address, Grade and Course to: 0710785325

Bank Details: 
Account Name:   Kisii University Nairobi Campus
Bank:                       Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
Account Number:   1151779040.  
Branch:                   Kisii Branch

Contacts: 0710785325, 0718125360

Upcoming Events


Kisii University Kericho Campus, through the office of Research and Extension is pleased to host Prof. Tumi Khumalo, Associate Professor of Psychology from North-West University in South Africa.

Prof. Khumalo will present a public lecture on the Principles of and Relevance of Positive Psychology in Africa which will be held on 25th March, 2017 at the Main Campus, Old Moot Court.

His research, in the broad field of Positive Psychology, focuses on measurement and psychometric properties, understanding and promoting youth well-being, as well as cross-cultural studies in Positive Psychology. He is also a co-editor of a research-informed South African teaching textbook on Positive Psychology entitled “Towards flourishing: Contextualizing positive psychology”.

In 2013, He joined Optentia Research Focus Area (NWU, VTC) as a researcher and Associate Professor. Currently he leads the Psycho-social well-being and communal thriving sub-programme in Optentia. Researchers in this subprogram are interested in value-adding research that focuses on understanding, measuring, and promoting psychosocial well-being among youth and adults in the various life domains. His students’ work focuses on cross-cultural adaptation of psychological conceptual and operational models, and quantitative correlational studies. The specific areas of interest include VIA strengths and virtues, meaning in life, eudaimonic well-being, basic psychological needs, as well as self-efficacy and hope.



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