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Candidates must satisfy the minimum University entry requirements.
A candidate shall be eligible for consideration for admission to the Bachelor of Laws Degree Program of the University, if he/she :-
·          has obtained a certificate of Secondary Education Examination (K.C.S.E) or its equivalent with a C plus (C+)
·          A Division 2 grade at ‘O’ – Levels.
·          A bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than law from an accredited /recognized University or;
·          A pass in the University Mature Age Entry Examination with an average of a B plus grade (B+).

Candidates shall pursue the approved Program of study including full time attendance at the Faculty for a period of not less than four and not more than six academic years unless further extension of time has been granted by the Senate. Lectures and tutorials shall be compulsory. The first to fourth years of study shall consist of thirty (30) weeks each divided into two equal Semesters of fifteen (15) weeks of teaching and seminars and two (2) weeks of end of semester examination. The third year of study shall have, in addition, eight (8) weeks of compulsory clinical Program. The Program of study shall proceed as follows:·          All students shall take all the twelve (12) units prescribed in the first and second year of study.·          In the third year of study all students shall take all the four units plus the clinical Program as well as any eight electives, four of which shall be taken in each semester.

  • In the fourth year of study all students shall write a Research Paper on an approved topic under supervision and the said research paper shall be taken as the equivalent of two units. In addition students shall take a maximum of six (6) units in the first semester and four (4) units in the second semester from the prescribed electives.
  • All courses except the third year clinical Program and the fourth year Research paper shall be defined as a series of 60 one hour lectures. For purposes of this regulation a two hour tutorial shall be deemed to be the equivalent of a none hour lecture.
  • Part time students may be allowed to cover the Program within eight academic years.


·          No one shall be admitted to an examination unless he/she has attended all prescribed courses of study for the requisite period.
·          All course units shall be examined during the semester in which. They are offered and taken.
·          Such examinations shall consist of course with essays and the end Course written examinations.


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