About Us

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The vision of the School of Law is to be a world class centre of excellence in legal training and research.


The Mission of the School of Law is to offer high quality and affordable training to students and other actors in the legal sector to meet the country’s, regional and legal standards.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the School of Law are:-

  1. To teach students the theory and substance of law, and thereby equip them with the research    and technical skills necessary for identifying relevant facts and applying legal principles to them in their sociological, political, economic and general cultural context.
  2. To develop in the students fidelity to law and legal institutions and a commitment to ethical and professional responsibility in their practice of law.
  3. To train and equip lawyers with sound legal knowledge and integrity so that they can appreciate the law and its relevance to the contemporary issues in governance.
  4. To initiate exchange programs with international students, scholars and practitioners;
  5.  To produce quality graduates who are responsible and can effectively serve changes local and international society.
  6. To program the clinical seminars as a medium of conducting research and disseminating the findings.
  7. ix. To revamp the Legal Aid Clinic as a medium of teaching and provision of legal service to the indigent/accused.
  8. To encourage the publication of Law Reviews and Journals in specific areas of research.
  9. To harness available institutional linkage for optimum conduct of research and delivery of legal training to various cadres of legal practitioners. 

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