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Dr. Daniel Rotich Kandagor, Ph.D

P.O. Box 282

Kabarnet, KENYA

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  • Teaching, research and other related activities

  • Peace and conflict-resolution advocacy

  • Administrative Responsibilities

  • The role of NGOs in  development



  • Moi University, KENYA    (Ph.D., 2004)

Thesis    Women’s Roles in the Anglican Church of Kenya: A case study of the Diocese of Nakuru 1961-1998

  • University of Nairobi, KENYA    (MA., 1995)

Thesis,     The economic Transformation of the Tugen of Kenya, 1895-1963

  • University of Eastern Africa, KENYA (BA., 1991)

  • Kabarnet High school            (KACE.,1986)

  • Kabarnet High School            (KCE.,1984)

  • Marigat Primary School            (CPE.,1980)




    1. Kisii University (2015-

    2. Mount Kenya University (2013-2015)


    1. 1993-1995    Catholic University (Part Time)

    2. 1995-2012    Egerton University

    3. 2009-    Kisii University College (Part Time)

    4. 2004-2007    Kabarak University (part time)

    5. 2001-2007    Kenya Military Academy (military science),

    6. 1998-1999    Moi University (part time)


  • 2015- Campus Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs: Kisii Univerity

  • 2014: Campus Director of Mount Kenya University, Kitale

  • 2013-2014: Campus Director of Mount Kenya University, Kabarnet

  • Head of Department of Egerton Univeristy: General administration of the department of Philosophy, History and Religion. This included the supervision of staff and students in the day-today activities of the department. The expectations also included the assurance that teaching and other departmental processes were handled professionally and efficiently.

  • Exams officer of Egerton University: At some point in my service at the university, I represented the department as the exams officer. My responsibilities included seating at the Faculty Board to securitize examination multi-practices among others.

  • Senate member: Being the head of department it was my responsibility to attend senate meetings and make decisions that were to impact on the universities’ governance.

  • Board member of various sections of the university: Representing the department of Philosophy, History and religion besides representing the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in other segments if the university.

  • Lecturing: imparting knowledge in the students, teaching and instilling in them a sense of patriotism in their land. Preparing them for the job market and preparing them for the future.




(a)   February, 2009   - Nakuru District Peace Committee    Secretary General

(b)   July, 2009          -   Provincial Peace Committee        Tasked duties

(c)   July, 2009          -   Peace and development            Consultant   

(d)   September, 2008 - Bridge Development Agency (NGO)     Chief Executive

(e) 1991             Zachem International Company (Nairobi)    Administrator

(f) 1988             Marigat Primary School                 Teacher

(g)  1987            Pemwai Secondary School             Teacher

(e)  1984-1985    FAO, Marigat                Clerk



  1. 2008 – Bridges Development Agency (NGO) :        Chief executive

  2. 2003 -2004     - Egerton  University :             Head of department

  3. 2005 – Sweet Water Vision (NGO) :                 Chairman

  4. 2006 – Marigat Sub-district  hospital :            Chairman

  5. 2003 -  Arid lands (Baringo) :                Member of Steering                     Committee        

  6. 2003 – Talai Secondary School:                member of Board




  1. Daniel Rotich Kandagor, Women’s Roles in the Anglican Church of Kenya: A Case Study of the Diocese of Nakuru, 1961-1963: VDM Publishing House Ltd, Beau-Bassin-Germany, 2010

  2. Daniel Rotich Kandagor, Rethinking British Rule and “native” Economies in Kenya: Tugen Transformation, 1895-1963:Pangolin Publishers LTD, 2010

  3. F.N. Wegulo, D.R.Kandagor, etal National and international Affairs I: A Degree Course in Military Science: Egerton, Egerton University Press, 2007

  4. D.R.Kandagor,Kiigi etal: National and international Affairs I: A Diploma Course in Military Science: Egerton, Egerton University, 2007

  5. J. Msangi/D.R. Kandagor (1997), “Horticultural Crop Production and Rural Development in the Dry lands of Kenya “ IFRA, (Nairobi: Ifra)




(i)  Daniel Rotich Kandagor (June, 2004), “Issues in industrialization in post –colonial

Kenya: a historical perspective “, (Lake Baringo club, Kenya Journal Historical

Association of Kenya).

(ii)  Daniel Rotich Kandagor, (October 2004), “Murder, Slavery and child Labour: the

Experience of Nyaragusu gold Mines in Tanzania” CODESRIA, (Dakar, Senegal)

(iii) Daniel Rotich Kandagor, (December 2004), “Terrorism in Africa: an examination of

Anti-Terrorism Bill in Kenya” DPMF, (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

(iv) Daniel Rotich Kandagor, (December 2005), “Rethinking pastoralism and Development: A case study of the Horn of Africa” CODESRIA (Maputo, Mozambique)

(v) Daniel R Kandagor and Babere Kerata Chacha (June 2009), “Neoliberal Policies and Cash crop nexus in Africa: Examples from a tobacco producing Peasantry in Kuria District Kenya, 1945-2002” (Cape Town, South Africa)



Prof: Peter O. Ndege

Department of history

Moi University

P.O BOX 3900

Eldoret, Kenya.


Dr. David Sperling

Department of History

University of Nairobi

P.O BOX 30197

Nairobi, Kenya.


Dr. Isaac Tarus

Department of History

Egerton University,

P.O BOX 536

Njoro, Kenya.

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