Getabu Profile

     Department: Applied Aquatic  Sciences  
  School: Agriculture and Natural Resources Management  



  Designation: Associate Professor  
  Responsibility: Senior Research Fellow  

 Academic Background

University Attended Years Qualification

University of Nairobi

     (Kenyatta Univ. Coll.)

1977-1980 B.Ed (Zoology & Botany) Upper 2nd Class honours.
University of Nairobi 1983-1987 M.Sc. (Hydrobiology)
 University of Hull, UK 1998-2003 Ph.D (Fisheries Studies)

Area(s) of Specialization & Research Interests


  • Hydrobiology 

 Research Interest


    • Integrated Agri-Aquaculture

 Selected Recent Publications

 S. N. Maobe M.K. Nyang’au, E. Basweti, A. Getabu, T. J. Mwangi and A.R. Ondicho (2012). Effect of plant density on growth and grain yield of finger millet (eleusine caracana) under high potential conditions of South West Kenya. World Journal of Agricultural Sciences.

 A.P. Shoko, A. Getabu and G. Mwayuli 2011 Growth performance Yields and Economic Benefits of Nile Tilapia Oreochromies niloticus and Kales Brassica Oleracea Cultured under Vegetable – Fish culture integration. Tanzania journal science Vol.37, 37, 18 ISSN 08561761

J. Gichuka A. Getabu . C. Ezekiel and O.C. Mkumbo (2010) the status of Lake Victoria environment trends and impacts to fish stock. A Handbook of research on Hydro informatics, Technology Theories and Applications pages 406, 448 ISBN 978165209077

 M. Njiru, A. Getabu .M. E. Mlaponi, L. Muhonzi and O.C. Mkumbo 2009 Managing Nile Perch. Using Slot Size is it possible? East African Journal of Hydrobiology and Fisheries Vol. 2.

Gichangi, S. N. Maobe, D. Kariuki, A. Getabu, C.N. Macharia, J.O. Ogecha, M.K. nyang’au, e. Basweti and L. Kitonga (2012). Assessment of production and marketing of climbing beans by small-holder farmers in Nyanza Region, Kenya. World Journal of Agricultural Sciences 8(3):293-302

Current/ Recent Teaching & Research


o   Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture

 Contact Details


Associate Professor

Kisii University

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management

Department of Applied Aquatic Sciences 

P.O Box 408- 40200, Kisii, Kenya

Cell phone: +254  726 544456

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