Professor Anakalo Shitandi is a Professor of Food Science of Egerton University where he taught courses in food standards; food safety, advanced microbiology; biotechnology, quality control; food toxicology; Industrial microbiology Food preservation. He is the Registrar of research and extension at Kisii University. As Registrar of Research he is responsible for the provision of leadership and vision for all research projects including development of short term and long term research plans, deliverables, work plans and timelines. He is currently (2015-2016) a global fellow NAFSA (www.nafsa.org) which is an Association of International educators based in Washington, USA where he aspires to coordinate the internationalization of research partnerships in Sub-Saharan African Universities.  Professor Shitandi is also a research associate at the Institute of Primate research which grants him and his research students’ access to World class research laboratory facilities at the Karen campus. He received his BSc degree in 1994 from Egerton University and a postgraduate diploma in Education from Kenyatta University in 1997. He holds an MSc and Phd degree in Food Science from SLU-Uppsala, Sweden. During his professional career, he has gained diversified technical experience (both national and international) related to planning of research, project monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and policy development and has particularly interest in internationalization of  research led education. His scientific research interests are in the identification of bioactive compounds from diverse sources and their nutritional value and protective effects in human and animal healthcare as functional food ingredients. In 2012 he authored a chapter titled Tea Processing and its Impact on Catechins, Theaflavin and Thearubigin Formation. IN.Tea in Health and Disease prevention. Edited by Victor R. Preedy, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Diabetes & Nutritional Sciences Division, School of Medicine, King’s College London, UK . This book is regarded as a key book on tea and its influence on health and disease prevention globally. He deepened his scientific knowledge and skills in biotechnology as a research Associate at the University of Western Cape South Africa where he worked under the supervision of Professor Don Cowan. He has further professional training from various institutions globally which includes: University strategic management, Nanchang University- China; bioethics – St John’s Research academy Hospital, Bangalore – India;  Public health – Nordic public health school, Gothenburg – Sweden: Biomedical Statistics, Danish Agricultural University – Denmark;  Research methods, Uppsala – Sweden; RIA and ELISA techniques in microbiology and endocrinology, Uppsala – Sweden and nutritional epidemiology- Nordic public health school, Sweden. He has served as an external examiner for the University of Swaziland in the faculty of health sciences and in the school of biotechnology, the Eldoret University- Kenya.  He has been a technical expert member at the Kenya Bureau of standards on several food committees and has represented the country in standards meetings within the East African community and also internationally.  He has published numerous peer reviewed papers, supervised PhD and M.Sc. graduate students who have successfully completed their academic programs and mentored students

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